Why am I blogging?

Hello world,

I have created this blog site for my entry-level college English class. We have been given an assignment that we will be writing a research paper and twice a week we will need to blog about our specific research topic.

My specific research topic is going to be about Celiac disease. It is very interesting to me, seeing as that I have the disease and am always wanting to learn more about new and intersting facts or foods. In these upcoming few weeks, you will learn things about the food I eat, the articles and facts I find, and maybe the occasional times that I get “glutened!”

What the heck is gluten and Celiac Diease? Gluten is a protein found in many foods we eat every day; wheat, rye, barley, oats and malt. Most people can eat foods with gluten with no trouble; for example, bread, pizza, pasta, cake, cereals, etc. For some people, eating gluten can cause a reaction in their bodies, someone who has this problem has Celiac Disease. Someone with Celiac, eating gluten—causes an immune system reaction. Your immune system keeps you from getting sick, but for someone with Celiac, the body starts damaging and destroying the lining of your small intestines, which is not good! There is no cure for Celiac disease, but you can cure it, simply by taking gluten out of your diet!

I found out about Celiac disease when my mom was diagnosed in December 2010. It was a big change for my family, taking the time to find out what the disease was, what it did to your body, and how to get through all of the changes. I wasn’t having the same symptoms as my mom, therefore i didn’t fully cut gluten out of my diet until I started getting extremely sick after I came to college! Celiac disease is extremely hereditary, and in August of 2011, I was diagnosed.

A gluten free diet in college is very hard to deal with sometimes because I don’t have access to prepare my own food, like my mom can at home and I have to rely on the chef’s at the cafeteria to keep contaminants away from my food!

This is my now a HUGE part of my life and I look forward to sharing more soon! 🙂



The Celiac's!


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