Celiac Disease and Pregnancy

I found some interesting information about women throughout pregnancy, it is rather informational about concerns most women with Celiac might have during pregnancy…

Women who have Celiac disease may have a greater issue with infertility that is unspecified, compared to women who do not have the disease. Though being on a gluten free diet is helpful in achieving a pregnancy, for anyone with or without the disease.

If you know that you have Celiac disease and are pregnant, you will need to maintain the gluten free diet to avoid complications of pregnancy, not only for you but your baby as well.

If you have not been diagnosed with Celiac disease but you have experienced unexplained miscarriages, Celiac disease could be to blame. 

Celiac disease will not effect your labor or delivery. Though if you have a cesarean section or require stitches after birth, be sure to remind your practitioner that you have Celiac disease. Some sutures contain gluten and can be irritating and make things more complicated for you in the future.

Since Celiac disease is considered to be genetic, you should alert your baby’s doctor of your status. Breast milk can protect your baby from Celiac disease. Breastfeeding with Celiac disease is very important for the health of mother and baby. If you have Celiac disease and your baby does not, simply maintain your gluten-free diet. If your baby is diagnosed with Celiac disease, which is very uncommon in the first six months,  you should maintain the gluten-free diet while breastfeeding.

If you do not have celiac disease and your baby does, then you can still breast feed, simply avoid gluten in your diet as well. Then as your baby moves to solids, they will also need to follow a gluten free diet.


Celiac Disease: Myth or Fact. Guandalini, S; Melin-Rogovin, M. University of Chicago Celiac Disease Program. Accessed 1/9/10


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