Coffee and Gluten Sensitivity

So my mom (also a Celiac) is a manager of a Starbucks Coffee, and we love it very much. Before she was the manager we would go to Starbucks after a bad day, for a nice pick me up! We always have coffee and tea in the house and start everyday off with a nice cup of coffee. While researching Celiac disease information for this week, I came across information about how coffee can actually be bad for people with Celiac.

Studies have actually shown that coffee is one of the most cross-reactive foods in gluten sensitive individuals. This means that coffee not only triggers the same extended inflammation and autoimmune response as grains containing gluten but actually has more worsening effects on your body. While coffee is acidic, it affects your stomach pH and  minerals from  our bones, it also triggers excess stress hormones to be released, increasing the inflammation in your small intestines. You will know inflammation by signs of heat, swelling, redness, and pain.

These findings are pretty disheartening to people like me and my family who find coffee a part of our daily lives; yet eating and drinking such things may not support our disease, they do help people understand the seriousness of gluten-sensitivity and the importance of experimenting with gluten-free recipes.


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