Gluten Ataxia

When learning about gluten and Celiac disease, I thought it could only damage your small intestine, but after reading this article I was told differently. In some people, not only does that evil protein sets its sights on the intestinal wall but it aims for the brain in addition.

Not only is the intestines on the mind of the disease, its specific target is the cerebellum, the part of your brain that controls your coordination, balance and movements. Damage in this area due to gluten can lead to progressive balance issues, and eventually could force you to use a walker or a wheelchair to get around.

I would have never thought gluten damages your brain as well. It actually sounds really scary! When gluten begins to cause damage on your brain there is actually a medical diagnosis for that, not only would you be diagnosed with Celiac disease, but Gluten Ataxia as well.

It is not curable once you have it, but it is treatable the same as with Celiac, simply by removing the gluten from your diet completely.


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