People I Follow On Twitter!

For one of our assignments for class we were forced to create a twitter page to help us with our research assignment. So not only do we have to create this blog site but also must tweet everyday. Not only do I follow friends and classmates but also a few people near and dear to my research topic. I thought I might share those few people with you all!

Scott Adams @celiac_disease: He is a writer for the website and always posts new information about events, coupons and new studies or findings. He posts very often and always useful information.

Wendy Gregory Kaho @midlife_celiac: She is a mom with 2 kids in college with celiac disease. She talks about finding new foods and recipes from local grocery stores and restaurants.

Kelly Coursen @CeliacChick: She is a chef and a “gluten-free treasure hunter.” She has been blogging gluten free for 7 years, about whats new gluten free!

Celiac Foundation @CeliacExperts: It is the official Twitter page for the Celiac Disease Foundation. They use twitter to help raise awareness at

Celiac Central @CeliacAwareness: It is the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Twitter page. By following them you will get gluten free recipes, product reviews, celiac news, and tips.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck @ehasselbeck: Mom, wife of Pro Football Player Tim Hasselbeck, Celiac, actress, co-host on television show The View and recently author of a new book the G-Free diet.




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