Gluten-free as a Fad Diet

Gluten-free as a Fad Diet

This news story actually aired today on ABC Nightly News, talking about people who use gluten-free as a low carb diet. Gluten-free foods have become very popular these past few years, so people are seeing it as a chance to help them take out pastas, and breads from their diet. 

They talk about Miley Cyrus and how there has been a lot of talk about her body recently and the different rumors and questions people are posing about her. As it turns out, it just came out on Twitter that she has Celiac disease and is lactose-intolerant, causing her a great deal of stress. She is not anorexic or bullimic, she has real medical conditions.

This is an interesting article, because I thought that people who use a gluten-free diet to help them with weight loss would be better for us with Celiac disease because it would get more people talking about it and get awareness out and people would be healthier but after reading this; the doctor believes otherwise. “It’s a protein that has been in the human diet since the dawn of agriculture,” he said. ”I don’t endorse cutting gluten as a weight loss strategy. I think it is advisable only for those with genuine sensitivities.”


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