Research Source Summary

As part of our recent research paper we were assigned to get sources from our library and scholarly websites. So for this blog post we must choose one of our sources and do a summary of what we learned from the source and how it helped develop our paper. 

So of all the journals and articles that I read about Celiac disease, my favorite one and I think the one I learned the most from was actually from (this is the link) But it was as if was teaching the disease to kids and teenagers about the disease. Literally anything you want to know about the disease, it is tailored to your ability of understanding.

I used this source a lot in helping me develop sentences to help me describe the disease. This link of the website was written by a doctor, which is even better and makes the article more credible to the reader.

One of the main things that I did not know about the disease, but learned from this website is that, “People with Celiac who eat gluten experience an immune system reaction to the protein gradually damages the villi in the small intestine. When the villi are damaged, the body is unable to absorb the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it needs to stay healthy. People with celiac disease are therefore at risk of malnutrition and can develop anemia (a decreased number of red blood cells due to lack of iron) or osteoporosis (brittle bones from lack of calcium).”

This website I felt was really good not only for my research, but for teaching kids about the disease as well because that can be really hard to do sometimes.


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