Research Summary Part 2

As with the last post, this pertains to my research paper on celiac disease. So as for those who don’t know what i was researching… my research question was: How can awareness be widespread about Celiac disease and the effects of gluten on individuals?

I really wanted to focus on how to get awareness about the disease out and widespread because it is such a big deal right now and is a constant issue with this disease.

The second source I used in my research paper was from an EBSCO database provided by the University of Idaho, in which I  did a search for Celiac disease and it brought me to this article, titled, “Celiac- What Parents and Caregivers should know.” 

I found this article to be very informational and extremely effective for those who are near and around someone with Celiac on  a daily basis. 

The solution to my research paper is awareness, not only through word of mouth but also in doctors offices and I feel like this article could contribute or be transposed into a brochure about Celiac disease. This article talked a lot about how to protect someone from eating gluten, especially when young kids develop the disease or an intolerance. 

I referred to this source quite often in my research paper, and it help me a lot. I will definitely use a lot of this information when talking to friends and family about the disease as well.


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